Strategies Are Searching For Luxury High Rise Apartments Houston

High-rise apartments are extremely popular in cities that have beautiful buildings. If you can get one of these, they will be more expensive, but the view is going to be fantastic. If a luxury apartment is what you need, you should be ready to pay a very high dollar amount. Discounts are seldom available in your main concern is simply finding one that you can get access to with your current job and credit score. To obtain luxury high rise apartments Houston, you can follow these tips. This will allow you to get into one of the top buildings that has luxury apartments.

Why Would You Want To Live In A High Rise?

There are a couple reasons why some people prefer high-rise apartments. In most cases, it revolves around the view. However, it could be that you are working downtown, and you simply need to have a nice apartment to live in that’s only a few blocks away. The cost will be quite a bit, but it will be well worth it once you are inside. The beautiful furniture, appliances, and the layout of the apartment, will show you why it is worth every dime that you pay. Some people will suggest that you look in the local paper, but others will tell you that searching online is the best strategy.

Should You Look For These Online?

Getting these online is probably the easiest strategy. By searching in the morning, looking at online classifieds, you can see the latest ones that have now become available. Another possibility is that you are using the local paper to find the listings that have just recently come out. Those that are prompt and efficient in submitting their applications are the ones that will have the best chance of being accepted. There are just a few other things you need to think about before applying for one of these luxury apartments.

Other Factors To Consider When Applying For These Apartments

The other factors to consider will include your credit score, and how much money you have available to put down your deposit. First and last will also be required with almost any apartment that you rent, so you sure to have this money ready. When you do submit this, you will likely hear back within two or three days. If they do not have a lot of applicants, you will likely hear back from them by the end of the day if they are desperate. In some cases, they are charging so much for these apartments that they will have very few applicants.

If you can get yours in to the apartment manager, your application will be reviewed in a very short period of time. Your goal of obtaining residency at one of these apartments in a high-rise will soon be a reality. The cost of living there is going to be so much higher than a standard apartment, but your view will be exceptional. Luxury high rise apartments Houston will come available from time to time, and this overview will improve your odds of getting into one.

The Best Way To Find Apartments In Houston Texas

To find apartments in Houston Texas, it may take you a few hours. There will be multiple listings, but finding the one that you actually want is going to take some time. It may be about the money that it will cost to rent one, or the location where the apartment complex is located. Some people need to have a specific amount of space to accommodate all of the longings that they own. The following tips will make it easy to find apartments in Houston Texas that will be exactly what they want for them and their family.

Where Should You Begin To Search For Them?

The best way to begin your search is to look through apartment finder websites. This is where all of the information will be found. You can organize the information to show you apartments based upon size, location, and price. Some people find this to be the easiest way to quickly maneuver their way through all of the listings, of which there will be hundreds of apartments to choose from. You can base your search upon the number of bedrooms that it has, and how much it will cost to move in. You can also try the local classifieds. You may see some exceptional deals. You can then submit your application. However, it’s likely that you will not be able to locate the one that you want using these two strategies. You may have to use some other tactics.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

You might have a friend or family member that is currently in Houston that may know somebody that is renting an apartment out. These are sometimes the best deals that you will come across. Not only will they give you a good deal, but because you know the people that have recommended it, they may be flexible in regard to how much it will cost to move in. Another way that you can find these is by listening to radio spots. They will often advertise in this manner. After you have gone through all of the different advertising mediums, you will find something that will be appealing.

How Long Will It Take You To Acquire The Apartment?

It typically takes a few days to go through all of the listings. You might feel confident about one particular apartment, but if you choose to quickly, you could miss out on a special deal that is coming up. That’s why it pays to search for at least one or two days, compiling all of this information, and then making your choice. You always need to be cautious, however, as some of the best deals tend to go very quickly. If you feel that the apartment that you have initially found is the best choice, you should go down to look at the facility. You can pick up an application, submitted back as quickly as possible, and potentially get the perfect apartment based upon price, size, and location.

Apartments in Houston Texas are always going to be readily available. It’s a huge city, with more apartment complexes being built all the time. You may get lucky and find an exceptional deal at one of the newer facilities. This could save you money, plus you will have access to one of the newer locations that might be more appealing to you. At the very least, your research will give you a general idea of what is available, eventually leading to one apartment that you will qualify for. It is recommended that you submit at least two or three applications, one of which will likely be the one that you will like the most.

Value Added 3 Bedroom Apartments Houston

Value added 3 bedroom apartments Houston

Three bedroom apartments belong to a large category of apartments that are available in different settings, interior designs, and terraces in them. These 3 bedroom apartments houston can be value added when all of these options provide something extra in comparison to the ones that are being provided elsewhere. What can make them different can range from needs to luxuries and rental to buying needs too.

These three bedroom apartments Houston make sure that the very posh areas of Houston are available to people who recently move here. They also keep in mind the weather of the area and are made according to them. These apartments are made of such materials that help them to maintain their stylish look longer. This process can be very efficient and in turn help people live comfortably. They can also show off their resident apartments to people as they remain beautiful even after years. These different settings are given as follows

    Value added extra spacious three bedroom apartments

These three bedroom settings are extraordinary because they are larger in space and dimensions in comparison. They offer a lot of diversity and can be utilized well too. One can choose to have a small study in it or make it according to one’s lifestyle as well.

    Value added terrace included three bedroom apartments

Terraces are very important for some people to live and stay calm. If one has a small terrace right within their room, then this can help thinking and study well. This option of apartments is the best three bedroom setting for all luxurious taste people. People who can afford them never choose any other setting at all.

    Value added attached bath three bedroom apartments

These value added attached bath bedrooms are the most lavish experiences. They have big washrooms attached with them separately and have large baths in them. Every room has its separate washroom with an attached bath in it. This makes these apartments very comfortable for all people living in them. They can also be well suited for different offices for their employees. These employees can live in them together and manage things accordingly and smoothly.

Hence, whether it is an office need, a big family need, or any other need, they can all be met. These Houston 3 bedroom apartments are truly a living persona for many people. They can be available in different price ranges as well.

Ben Carson claimed ‘people here illegally’ are keeping Houstonians from public housing. Here’s what he got wrong.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson testifies at a House Financial Services Committee oversight hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, May 21, 2019.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

After a Capitol Hill hearing with more than a few minutes devoted to a back-and-forth about whether a California congresswoman was asking about foreclosed properties or Oreo cookies, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson lobbed a tweet at a Houston congresswoman and claimed undocumented immigrants were keeping Houstonians from public housing.

But the Houston waitlist has nothing to do with undocumented immigrants.

Undocumented immigrants aren’t eligible for housing subsidies. But if one member of the household is eligible — including U.S.-born children, permanent refugees and asylum-seekers — they could qualify.

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Mixed-status families account for just 42 families of the 22,500 who live in Houston’s public housing or receive vouchers for housing, said Houston Housing Authority President Tory Gunsolley.

In other words: Families that include an undocumented immigrant make up less than 1 percent of families in Houston’s public housing system.

Moreover, housing subsidies are prorated for families with mixed immigration status — so undocumented immigrants do not receive any government money.

Instead, the reasons behind the 100,000-person waitlist in Houston dates back to the World War II era.

While public housing in cities like New York grew thanks to government subsidies from the 1930s to 1960s, Houston relied instead on the market to provide housing. The consequences of that decision show: One in 17 Harris County households gets some form of housing assistance, compared to one of every six in New York City.

As Houston grew and became more expensive, people needed more affordable housing. The government didn’t build any. Some private landlords receive government subsidies, but those properties too come with waitlists.

Fewer and fewer homes in Houston fall in the category of what’s called “naturally occurring affordable housing”— that is, private housing that is affordable to people with low incomes. As of 2017, 335,000 of the affordable multifamily housing units in Harris County were at risk of becoming unaffordable, according to a study by the Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the crisis only got worse. Some public housing properties became so unlivable that the Houston Housing Authority decided it had no choice but to rescind vouchers from residents in what it deemed unsafe conditions. A legal aid group sued the owner of a privately owned, government-subsidized housing complex over allegations that repairs were never done post-Harvey.

A study put together by the flood mitigation consortium warned that construction restrictions after Harvey would leave low-income residents with even fewer options when the next storm hits.

Carson was on the Hill to discuss a proposed regulation that would evict any undocumented immigrant. An internal analysis found the plan would put 55,000 children who are legal U.S. residents at risk for eviction because a parent would be evicted.

“HUD’s new proposed regulation would force housing authorities across the nation to serve as an extension of immigration enforcement instead of focusing on our real purpose— to provide safe, quality and affordable housing to low-income families, seniors, veterans and those with disabilities,” Gunsolley said.

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Houston Area Real Estate: The Leasing Options In Greater Houston

Check out some of the available leasing options in Houston’s top communities. (Shutterstock image)

HOUSTON, TX — The option of leasing a home instead of buying is an upward trend in the Houston area, and probably will be for many years. If leasing is a more attractive option to you and your family, consider using the Patch Real Estate Guide to check the rental listings from our friends at

There are fantastic leasing options in every community and in every price range. Click the links to the communities you want to see and get started.

Clear Lake
Conroe-Montgomery County
Sugar Land
The Woodlands

By the way, you can sign up for the free newsletter in your area, and get the news and real estate listings you want each day.

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Houston: See 5 Local Homes For Sale


HOUSTON, TX — Looking for a new home nearby, but tired of seeing the same old property listings again and again? With our weekly list of new homes in your area, you can stay on top of the scene.

Below is a list of the five latest homes to hit the housing market in the Houston area — including one with 3 beds and 1 bath for $69,000, and another with 3 beds and 4 baths for $679,000.

Like what you see? Simply click on any address in the list to get more pics and details. Enjoy!


Price: $679,000
Size: 2,459 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 4 baths

Price: $69,000
Size: 744 sq. ft, 3 beds, and 1 bath

Price: $388,000
Size: 2,028 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 4 baths

Price: $300,500
Size: 1,909 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $389,000
Size: 2,036 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 4 baths

Still want to see more options? Keep scrolling for more listings. Or check out our Houston area real-estate section for a complete list of nearby homes.

Photos courtesy of

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Passco Grows Houston-Area Portfolio

The Grayson. Image courtesy of Passco Cos.

Passco Cos. has acquired The Grayson, a 330-unit community in Spring, Texas. This is the first time the asset changed hands since Bridgeview Real Estate developed it in 2016, according to Yardi Matrix information. The buyer financed the acquisition through a loan arranged by KeyBank Real Estate Capital.

Located at 4115 Louetta Road, the property consists of one- to three-bedroom apartments in 11 three-story buildings spread across a 14.8-acre site. Common-area amenities at the gated community include a fitness center, clubhouse, jogging trail and pool. The Grayson was 95.2 percent occupied in March, per Yardi Matrix data. Situated in a dense residential area, the asset is less than 3 miles from Interstate 45 and 26 miles North of downtown Houston.

“Long considered the ‘Energy Capital of the World,’ the greater Houston area has also experienced a significant influx of jobs in recent years, achieving the highest rate of employment growth among the country’s top 12 MSAs last year at more than twice the national average,” said Jake Niles, director of acquisitions at Passco Cos., in a prepared statement.

The Cushman & Wakefield team of Josh Goldfarb and John Carr of the company’s Southeast Multifamily Advisory Group represented both parties in the transaction. Chris Black and Caleb Marten of KeyBank Real Estate Capital’s Commercial Mortgage Group facilitated the acquisition financing on behalf of the new owner.

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Multifamily Units Remain Competitive With Houston Home Sales

The multifamily market in Houston and other Texas cities (Shutterstock image)

HOUSTON — Real estate is still a strong market in the Houston area, but the demand for more multifamily housing units is also still strong. According to Brad Dillman, chief economist with Cortland, the demand for multifamily homes in the form of condominiums and apartment was higher than average in 2018.

"The percentage growth in the multifamily stock in Houston has slowed down a lot," Dillman said.

However, Dillman said it slowed because the Houston market was ahead of other regions that are still building to their multifamily inventory.

Houston and the surrounding communities saw a surge in new construction for apartments and condominiums in 2014 and 2015, which were beginning to hit the market for leasing availability as late as early 2017.

As a result, the construction of multifamily units dropped, but Dillman said Houston remained ahead of the curve.

Dillman added that the slow recovery from the recession slowed home buying in 2013, which created a boom in the multifamily housing market in major cities throughout the U.S.

This has also been fueled by what Dillman called the "mortgage unaffordability" in 2018, which has also fueled demand in Houston and other communities for more multifamily housing units.

For Houston, Dillman anticipates the following:

Compared to other markets, Houston has a relatively low percentage of inventory under construction (2.5%, or about 14,700 units)Rent growth likely to pick up slightlySuburban submarkets will likely continue to outperform due to lower levels of inventory growth (2.2% compared to 6.4% in the cores), lower rent levels, and the offering of relatively lower density-style of productForesee a bit of lift in the Houston-area due to weakness in the last half of 2018

Dillman said as long as job growth in the Houston area remains strong, the Bayou City will continue to enjoy a robust demand for multifamily housing in Houston’s urban core, as well as suburbs in Greater Houston and surrounding counties.

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Houston Ties With Dallas for Job Growth

The 282-unit Haven at Lakes of 610 Apartments is located at 8900 Lakes at 610 Dr.

HOUSTON—Total nonfarm employment in the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area stood at 3 million in January 2019, up 83,800 or 2.8%, from one year earlier, according to a recent report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. During the same period, the national job count increased 2%. Stanley W. Suchman, assistant commissioner for regional operations, noted that among the 12 largest metropolitan areas in the country, Houston ranked third in the number of jobs added during the year and tied for second with Dallas in the annual rate of job growth.

It’s no wonder, then, that multifamily continues to dominate commercial acquisitions in the region, and indeed, in much of Texas. Those statistics point to another multifamily transaction which marks the seventh property in the Houston metro and first Houston-area acquisition in 2019 for American Landmark.

The firm recently acquired Haven at Lakes of 610 Apartments, a 282-unit multifamily property for an undisclosed price. The new class-A apartment community located at 8900 Lakes at 610 Dr. was purchased from a joint venture between Guefen Development and the Rainier Companies.

“Houston was a leader in job growth in 2018, and is poised to do the same this year, so we are very confident in the long-term demand for workforce housing in the region, which has seen its economy diversify significantly,” said Christine DeFilippis, chief investment officer of American Landmark. “With its exceptional location and amenities, Aspire at 610 fits our investment strategy perfectly.”

The company currently owns approximately 25,000 apartments throughout the Southeast and Texas, and plans to add another $2 billion in properties to its growing multifamily portfolio this year.

“Texas is seeing considerable population growth with about a thousand new residents each day,” Joe Lubeck, CEO of American Landmark, tells “With exceptional job growth throughout each of its major industry sectors, Houston’s long-term outlook is solid, with the demand for workforce housing expected to remain strong.”

The asset will receive a $1.45 million capital investment and be renamed Aspire at 610. American Landmark’s improvements will add new flooring, USB plugs and smart locks in all units. Amenity improvements will include the addition of a dog-washing station, fire pits, package locker system, clubhouse and landscaping enhancements.

The four-story community was built in 2018. One- and two-bedroom units feature washer/dryer machines, granite countertops, black appliances, plank flooring in first-floor units and kitchen islands. Amenities include a clubhouse, large pool with sundeck and business center.

Aspire at 610 is located in the South Main area of Houston, off of Interstate 610 and located near NRG Stadium.

Lisa Brown is an editor for the south and west regions of She has 25-plus years of real estate experience, with a regional PR role at Grubb & Ellis and a national communications position at MMI. Brown also spent 10 years as executive director at NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area chapter, where she led the organization to achieving its first national award honors and recognition on Capitol Hill. She has written extensively on commercial real estate topics and edited numerous pieces on the subject.

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Houston Lasik Vision Center Provides Lasik Surgery in Houston, TX

Houston, TX – Eye care and surgery requires expertise and professionalism to avoid complications, and as such, the services of experts such as Houston Lasik Vision Center is recommended. As the leading provider of eye care, treatment, and surgical services in Houston, TX, Houston Lasik Vision Center ensures that proper and due diligence along with the best practices are observed in each case to guarantee clients their desired vision outcome.

Having been in the eye care, treatment, and surgical business for years, Houston Lasik Vision Center is constantly improving on the quality of their services in order to ensure that their clients are exposed to top-quality eye care services.

Making use of state-of-the-art equipment, Houston Lasik Vision Center and their team ensure that each client is subjected to proper preliminary examinations to assess their suitability for the LASIK eye surgery and also to guarantee the outcome of the procedure.

Boasting of a team of eye care specialists with the best training and international exposure, Houston Lasik Vision Center has become the best facility for Houston Lasik eye surgery.

Describing their facility and their team of specialists, the spokesperson for the eye specialists at Houston Lasik Vision Center said, “If you are considering LASIK eye surgery in Houston TX, you want to be 100% sure you are choosing the right doctor, the right technology, and the right procedure for you. This will ensure the best possible outcome for your results. Here at Houston LASIK Vision Center, we understand and share your concerns. Your vision is your most precious sense. Our LASIK doctor has decades of medical experience using LASIK to correct the vision of tens of thousands of patients. Our treatment program is always personalized using only laser vision correction techniques that will provide you with the best possible result.”

With over 18 years of experience and over 26,000 successful refractive surgeries handled, Houston Lasik Vision Center provides Laser eye surgery in Houston. Aiming to make their procedure easily accessible and affordable, Houston Lasik Vision Center is also offering a $1,000 discount off their custom LASIK eye surgery which can be employed in the correction of a wide range of vision defects including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and more.

Having helped several of their clients with top-quality services, Houston Lasik Vision Center has earned for themselves hundreds of positive reviews all which can be accessed on their website.

Houston Lasik Vision Center is located at 1001 Texas Ave #1400, Houston, TX 77002. To schedule an appointment, contact their team via phone at (713) 793-6495 or send online inquiries via email to Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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Houston, Texas

Houston Lasik Vision Center, 1001 Texas Ave #1400, Houston, TX 77002

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Company Name: Houston Lasik Vision Center
Contact Person: Scott Segal
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Phone: (713) 793-6495
Address:1001 Texas Ave #1400
City: Houston
State: Texas
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Houston to receive additional $100M in housing aid for Harvey recovery

Houston is set to receive $100 million in new federal housing aid, supplementing $1.17 billion in grant money already approved for the city’s Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

City Council on Wednesday approved the additional funds, which are flowing through the Texas General Land Office from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The extra grant money will be distributed to five housing recovery initiatives, the largest of which is a homeowner assistance program that reimburses eligible residents who have completed home repairs, among other options. That program’s budget is being increased by $35 million, to a total of $428 million.

Another $28 million is being earmarked for a now-$350 million multi-family rental program that city officials intend to use to construct 1,500 to 3,000 affordable rental units in the next six years. A separate program to build single-family homes for low- and moderate-income Houston residents is getting an additional $18 million, bringing its budget to $222 million.

Otherwise, $10 million is being provided to administer the programs, bringing the city’s total administrative grant budget to $31 million.

The remaining $7.4 million is going toward rehabilitating small rental properties, and providing down payments, closing costs and other financial assistance to home buyers.

A few existing programs, such as one that buys out repeatedly flooded homes, did not receive additional funds.

The item passed at Wednesday’s city council meeting without discussion.

Though the additional funding is welcome, thousands of displaced Houston renters still remain vulnerable as they await a needed influx of new low-income rental units, said Chrishelle Palay, executive director of Houston Organizing Movement for Equity Coalition.

Palay urged city officials to target the city’s most economically distressed areas when building units through its multifamily rental program, and to make the units truly accessible.

“Right now, renters are really made to wait and see how many units of housing may come online a couple years from now that may be affordable,” she said. “And then even, at what rate is it really affordable to those that are in most need?”

The new aid is part of a $652 million allotment to Texas, which adds to the $5 billion in HUD grants allocated to the state as part of Congress’ September 2017 appropriation of long-term recovery funds. The additional funding includes $89 million for Harris County.

Houston is receiving about $90 million out of the new sum, with the $10 million for administrative costs coming from the initial $5 billion total.

Though HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Gov. Greg Abbott touted the additional dollars at a Monday press conference, the two officials acknowledged that the bulk of Harvey-related federal aid has moved slowly. About $4.3 billion in disaster mitigation money remains untapped because HUD still is developing the rules regarding how the money can be used.

The glacial pace has frustrated federal, state and local officials, who have urged Carson to speed up the process. He told reporters Monday that HUD is responding as quickly as it can.

HOU Chron Rodeo Sale

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Twin Texas A&M basketball players accused of attacking 68-year-old man and his son in Houston


Two sisters who played on the Texas A&M women’s basketball team are charged in Harris County with attacking a 68-year-old man and his son.

The incident dates back to Christmas Eve 2017. The 6-foot-3 junior Caylinne and her twin, Corinne Martin face felonies after an altercation inside an apartment.

The university has suspended Caylinne Martin, who is a center on the team.

Prosecutors said a 68-year-old man and his son were attacked by five people including the Martin sisters.

Jacqueline Pomar-Everline identified herself as the elderly man’s daughter-in-law. She said it all started as a dispute with her teenage son over a cell phone. The son fought with his stepfather before warning he’d returned with friends.

Pomar-Everline said about two hours later as she was preparing Christmas dinner he opened the door. Four other people including the Martins entered and began fighting. The grandfather tried to stop the fight. Prosecutors said it escalated into the man biting Corrine Martin’s finger as Caylinne Martin beat him.

"All you could see is punches flying from everybody. I got so nervous I said, ‘what can I do?’ I said, ‘the police is here. The police is here,’" Pomar-Everline said. "They broke his tooth that he just got fixed. He has some vision problems now."

Both Martin sisters have posted bond and are scheduled to be back in court in July.

Caylinne Martin’s attorney said his client wasn’t at the apartment or involved in the altercation. Eyewitness News has reached for a more detailed statement and is waiting for a response.

Texas A&M has suspended Caylinne Martin from the team.

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